May Masterclass


Presented by Patrick Street Productions, this series focusses on musical theatre solo performance. Each week participants will have a one hour private coaching with PSP Artistic Producer Peter Jorgensen, plus have a three hour class with fellow participants.

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Pictured here:  Adrian Marchuk & Daren Herbert in The Light in the Piazza (photo by David Cooper)

Sunday OR Monday evenings
May 28-June 19
Location: TBD

At your convenience Tuesdays-Fridays, beginning May 23
Location: 730 Fourth Street, New Westminster


Maximum 7 participants per class.

Please email for more information or to reserve a spot. If you haven’t worked with Peter before please include your headshot/resumé with your email.


The Master Class series with Peter was a profound learning experience for me. In the lessons, I loved learning new repertoire and exploring ways to use vocal technique to support the demands of the songs. In the group sessions, Peter drew on his depth of knowledge and experience, and his well honed sense of intuition to craft the session to the needs of each student as they worked. I was also so grateful for the sensitive way in which Peter develops a trusting work space, allowing all participants to feel supported, and challenged. I look forward to participating again in the future!
— Diane Spiers

Taking Peter’s class was an eye opening experience! I had been taking voice lessons with Peter throughout 2016, and the masterclass took the work to another level that I couldn’t quite get from a one on one. A lot was gained from seeing him work with the others as well. It’s super encouraging to see their growth throughout the month and reminded me of my own personal growth (even if I didn’t always notice it immediately).
— Hal Wesley Rogers

I am so grateful to have taken part in Peter’s last masterclass. It had been a while since I’d last done any training in a group setting, and it was just what I needed to refresh and retain. It was definitely eye opening to get that necessary feedback and witness others’ performances and feedback, because there are so many facets of a performance that you can’t properly assess by yourself. Having an outside point of view brought many things to light for me, and I grew as an artist for it, as did we all. I feel much more connected to my repertoire, and I also feel like I understand better how to tackle new material.
— Michelle Bardach

Disclaimer: Only take Peter’s Masterclass if you are willing to challenge yourself, learn from others and grow, because that is precisely what Peter is able to offer. The voice is a vulnerable, complex and individual instrument and Peter is dedicated to the very specific needs of each one. His wealth of knowledge, his compassion as a fellow artist and attention to detail offer his students a very full experience both one on one and as a group. I find his tools and ideas practical and I trust that he’s the coach that will tell me what I need to hear, rather than what I want to hear. Thank you Peter and thank you fellow artists who shared their process too.
— Lauren Jackson

Peter sets up his masterclass as a month of learning and exploration. He honours all of his participants’ process, while still pushing us to explore the character’s behaviour and voice in relationship to the music and story. I will definitely be taking this masterclass again. Thanks Peter.
— Laura Ross

If you haven’t had the chance to do a masterclass series with Peter – I highly, highly recommend it. He creates a safe environment to play with new concepts, explore familiar ones all over again, and have fun in your process. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about musical theatre and what it means to be present in the music and the lyric and how to communicate that.
— Paige Fraser

If you haven’t taken this masterclass before – do it! It truly is an unparalleled learning experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who not only wants to take their craft to the next level, but also wants to learn valuable things about themself as an artist. Peter is a wonderfully talented, compassionate, and creative teacher, who has incredible wealth of knowledge that he is able to impart. And he has a gift for picking out songs that are perfect for the performer. This master class will pull the best of you, give you freedom to dive deep and play in a room full of talented people, and will truly elevate your craft to the next level, no matter where you are in your creative process. Thank you Peter for such an amazing experience!
— Jocelyn Gauthier

Peter is an incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and talented man who creates a safe and powerful learning environment. If you are considering stepping forward in your craft, he is a wonderful guide. Go for it!
— Laura Drummond

After a long hiatus from the theatre I was unsure what my face was doing. Now I know. It was doing too much ACTING, and simply not enough of just being there, being real. I re-learned so much good stuff about going back to the music and not trying too hard. Peter, I’m so grateful. The master class really got me back into the spirit of working on myself and my craft. It was such a creative and fulfilling space every Monday night and I really enjoyed myself while crying and agonizing and trying to sing. Thank you (seriously)!
— Stefanie Stanley

I’m sitting in my apartment, reflecting back on the Master Class series I had with Peter last month, and I have to say that I am amazed at how much I learned in only four weeks. Sometimes it takes the right person to say something a little different than what you have been hearing already, to prompt the right response. And Peter definitely opened a new door for me vocally. Peter was able to explain things about my voice AND acting through music that I was somewhat blind to. I recommend this master class to anyone and everyone willing to WORK to take their craft to the next level. Peter is definitely the man to trust and absorb! Here’s to always being in process.
— Caleb Di Pomponio

Have to say publicly how encouraging and mind opening your master class series was for me, Peter. Your extensive musical theatre knowledge was so generously and inspiringly offered and being reminded of the transformational power within each song was invaluable.
— Lisa Waines

I did the last master class series and can highly recommend it to anyone. I felt challenged in every class, but also totally supported to try new things. Peter helped me to rejuvenate some of my older audition songs and introduced me to new concepts that I’m finding really helpful as I continue my practice. If that’s not enough, he’s so enthusiastic it’s impossible not to have fun! You can’t go wrong.
— Julia Ullrich

Having done a couple of Peter’s master class series in the past, I feel like they are an amazing opportunity to re-connect with the acting basics that often get forgotten when our focus gets spread a little thin incorporating music and dance in musical theatre. Peter assists you in learning how to interpret the music as behaviour, stripping away the musical theatre “spectacle”, in the ever-ongoing quest to find the character’s journey. Highly recommended!
— Steven Greenfield

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