10 for 10 Campaign

PSP – Putting it Together for 10 Years!


“Bit by bit
Putting it Together
Piece by piece
Only way to make a work of art”


It has been 10 years of putting bits and pieces together. From designers and casts to boards and volunteers to grants and fundraisers, every bit and piece has contributed to the company we are today. We cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible support we have been shown over the years.

And now… we are asking for a little bit more. In anticipation of our 10th year we are launching our 10 FOR 10 CAMPAIGN with a goal to raise $10,000 in private donations by PSP’s 10th Birthday on June 1st of this year.

We want to bring musicals that challenge perceptions of what musicals are and what musicals do, program a second show each year, and develop new work. We want to offer professional development initiatives like our Master Classes and Professional Intensive, and expand our Youth Mentorship.

“Ounce by ounce
Putting it together
Small amounts
Adding up to make a work of art”

Your support provides the foundation we build our dreams on. Every ounce makes a difference – and even $10 donations can add up to make a work of art!  Help us put it all together by making a donation today.

“The art of making art
Is Putting it Together… bit by bit.”


Peter & Katey

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